Sunday, February 22, 2009

Santa Fe Dehumidifiers

The Santa Fe has long been known as the maker of premium end of home and light commercial dehumidifiers. Santa Fe dehumidifier is said to be the preferred choice of dehumidifier to keep your home or office comfortably dry.

Santa Fe Dehumidifiers are long-lasting, high-capacity units that can handle large areas and high moisture loads easily. Depending on the model, they can remove more than 100 pints of water per day.

There is a range of styles to choose from, including everything from crawl space units to furniture-like pieces. All are backed with the same dependable and innovative technology. Additionally, accessories are available to customize your unit to fit your individual needs: muffler kits, condensation pumps, ducting, etc.

Santa Fe Dehumidifiers Classic

The Santa Fe Dehumidifier Classic is the ultra-efficient residential dehumidifier guaranteed to eliminate basement mold and mildew problems. This model of dehumidifier can remove 100 pints of water per day for the same cost as operating a standard dehumidifier.

In addition, under the harshest conditions (100% relative humidity) this unit can remove 180 pints of water per day. It can be run stand-alone or it can be located out of sight and ducted to provide air circulation and humidity control to the entire basement. The Santa Fe has a built-in defrost system that is designed for operation down to 55F and won’t freeze up in those cold basement conditions.

Furthermore, the Santa Fe line of dehumidifiers are the most energy efficient units of all Energy Star-rated dehumidifiers. As such, these units will cost less to run per pint of water removed from the air than any other units on the market.

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